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ride-canada-biker1acAbout Ride Canada

umca_logo170Ride Canada was developed to advance the sport of ultra-endurance cycling in Canada and the world. As in all endurance sports the participants or athletes are drawn from a vast and diverse array of circumstances; age, sport, profession and location but they all benefit from the enrichment of their bodies, mind and souls.

This might sound a bit grand to the outsider but only through profound discipline and challenge can a person truly grow to understand their capacity within. All our events provide far more than  a start and finish line, they provide an avenue to explore and discover. Rarely is the ultra-endurance cyclist disappointed to reach the finish line, no matter where they place in the standings.

It is a personal journey graciously shared with others so that we may inspire them to discover just exactly how far they can go.

Ride Canada recognizes two forms of ultra-endurance cycling. Our original events, the Tour of British Columbia, the BC Explorer and the PowerCranks Contender all follow the guidelines of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association of the United States (UMCA). All events are part of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association World Championship Series.

Ride Canada has also developed an unsupported version of ultra-endurance cycling that embraces a minimalist approach. We have combined the spirit of randonneur cyclists with ultra-endurance cyclists and added a team element (for those who so desire). Riders are not allowed to use escort vehicles or crews. Teams are not relay teams but each rider must ride every kilometer as far as they can. In this way the challenges become more difficult, more environmentally appealing  and less expensive. We have coined this style of racing “NAKED”.

Whatever your ambitions are we hope you will join us and explore Canada as you discover yourself.

Founder and President
Perry Stone

White Rock, BC
Ride Canada.ca