The Tour of British Columbia or TourdeBC is contested on one of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful and challenging courses ever created. Please visit it’s home by clicking on the image below to discover a true cycling odyssey. 

The simple numbers show that the TourdeBC is a challenge of truly epic proportion, but our numbers just tell part of our story. With approximately 5,145 kilometers (k) in length and over 64,000 meters of climbing (3,197 miles/210,000 feet) with a time limit of 16 days it is evident that the Tour of British Columbia is not an ordinary ultra-endurance bicycle race. But mere numbers don’t tell our whole story………

The Canadian Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta provide a race course that is every bit as spectacular as it is challenging. Ride through rain-forests over seemingly endless mountains past ancient glaciers, along pristine lakes and rapid running rivers which are all home to wildlife of the wildest kind. Visit small towns and rural communities in out of the way faraway places while facing a test of mettle that is guaranteed to separate fact from fiction.

If you have ever dreamed of climbing to the top of Mount Everest but didn’t know a Sherpa or wanted to sail across an ocean but were afraid that you might end up swimming with sharks, the TourdeBC offers a world class challenge with one distinguishing aspect: with preparation and planning it can be accomplished by a wide range of people. Maybe even you!