November Newsletter


Okay, here we are in a season that is very quickly becoming winter or is already winter, unless you are one of our lucky subscribers who live in tropical or sub-tropical regions. Here is White Rock, fall is boldly fighting off the approach of winter and today is a sun kissed golden day. It’s the kind of day that you want to celebrate and we will do just that as we are pleased to announce that PowerCranks has become the Title Sponsor for the BC Contender which will now be named the PowerCranks Contender.

PowerCranks are a well-established training tool for cyclists, triathletes and competitors in any other athletic endeavour.  PowerCranks users have won such events as the Cyclocross World Cup, Ultraman World Championship, Olympic Games Men’s Road Race, Xterra World Championships, and the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, Paris Roubaix, and the Tour de France, the World Series and the Super Bowl (and countless other events).

You can read the full news release here:


As an added incentive people may purchase PowerCranks through us at they work – it’s guaranteed! We offer “secret pricing” only available to racers, their crews and fans.

To honor our new race sponsor we have a new website which we hope you visit at also on sale for 10 percent off the current rates published. Please email for your discount code!

Not to scare anyone but gainst our better judgement we invited Lance Armstrong to compete in the Tour of British Columbia in an open letter to the co-author of “It’s Not about the Bike in a letter we called “Biking Bad” which was originally published by our friends at the Daily Peloton and can be read republished here on our own site


There is no use in sending us any hate mail because we as expected, received no response. People cay they love cycling and challenges and then people can just say it.

We know Mr. Lemond is no fan of L.A. and maybe he will give one of our races a go and show how it is done. If anyone knows Greg please let him know he is welcome.

flag190In a show of Canadian pride and our sense of humor we also invited Justin Bieber to give the race a go but so far he too has declined to respond.

Do you have someone you want us to invite to one our races? If you do just send us the details and we will invite them!

Register for the Tour of BC here! Trying to decide what race is for you? This information should help.

November is usually a hard training month as people try to prepare for the seasonal slowdown of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations so remember to set your goals and strive with everything you can to achieve or surpass them.

To help you we have compiled a short list of people from around the world that inspire us to constantly try to improve.

Man fighting MS for a decade parachutes over Mt. Everest:

Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani Teenager:

Our friend and advisor Stephen Auerbach has made Bicycle Dreams available on if any of you are interested in finally seeing one of ultra-cycling’s greatest films. (  A definite inspiration.

Celebrating the bicycle; Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home

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Ride Safe, train hard.