Naked Racing Rider Registration

Naked Challenger, Naked Pioneer, Naked Rider's Race


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Riders who purchase registration may also pay by Interac Email Payments (PREFERRED). To pay with Interac please send the appropriate amount to and please use the word “bicycle” for your secret code. Please provide your contact details and the classification and race you are entering. Thank you.

After your registration fee has been received you will receive a confirmation email and request for further information; personal details such as age, address, website if applicable and confirmation of your email address.

All registrations are final and no refunds will be provided, however if for some reason you cannot attend in 2014 your registration will be accepted in 2015 on payment of any rate increase that may occur. Registrations may also be transferred for a fee of $25.

naked cycling triple logosNaked Racing is open to soloists and teams of 2 or 4 riders. In team events each rider must complete the entire route but the advantage for team rider is that they may draft off each other while soloists are not permitted to draft and they gain the camaraderie and companionship of racing with their teammates.If a rider on a team cannot go on the rest of the team may continue but will remain classified as they were at the start of the race (2 or 4 person team).

Each team’s time will be based on the first member of their team to finish but 50% of a team must complete the course for their race to be official.

While the term “Naked” is intended to be representative of the stripped down or back to basics racing clothing is optional (subject to decency laws) but helmets are mandatory. As are safety lights as directed by event race-directors.

All naked cycling racers are required to carry what they need to complete their race. Riders may purchase services or supplies along the way as the opportunities present themselves. If you are reading this registration is open and ready for your entry.