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August 20th, 2013

Internally we have had a lot of developments within the Rider’s Race Series and now have 11 people on board assisting us with various logistical race matters and the business side of running our ultra-cycling races. We are very proud of this amazing group of individuals that have committed to make our races the best they can be. To read about our team members please visit You can never have enough great people though and if you have a skill set that would benefit our racers we would like to hear from you.

One of those people, Ron Penner has been busy re-mapping our race routes and improving them where possible by using alternate roads that he has knowledge of. One of the interesting results is that our climbing stats have risen dramatically. The mapping software that Ron uses is RidewithGPS which allows him to create the entire routes on a single map when previously we used another service which forced us to use many segments to create the routs.

As a result the Tour of BC now has an estimated 64,285 meters of climbing or approximately 210,000 feet of ultra cycling. As a fun comparison that is almost exactly 7 times the height that Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumped from in the Red Bull Stratos space diving project on 14 October 2012. As a result of this new data the time limits for each level of accomplishment has been adjusted and the new limits may be viewed here

The BC Contender now has an estimated 27,200 meters or almost 90,000 feet of climbing and the BC Explorer is still being reworked but we anticipate total climbing to be around 36,000 meters or 120,000 feet.

We have started a YouTube channel which contains a collection of video links to film footage of the actual race course. To date we have about 20 videos posted which you can see here:

Other updates on our website include the rider information downloadable pdfs which can be found at:

Tour of British Columbia:

BC Explorer:

BC Contender:

And finally each race now have their own promotional poster which can be viewed by clicking on each image below to enlarge.

contenderracebel920a  bcexplorer2014-920  tourposter920-nomomma