Douglas Hoffman.


August 1st, 2013  (White Rock, BC) Perry Stone, founder and Race Director, the Rider’s Race Series, the Tour of British Columbia, BC Explorer and BC Contender welcomes Douglas Hoffman to our board of advisors and special consultants. Mr. Hoffman will provide his expertise in the areas of race development and racer participation.

Douglas Hoffman is a leadership trainer and coach working throughout the world with business and organizations committed to producing extraordinary results.  He has authored and delivered trainings on subjects ranging from leadership development, sales/sales management, sustainability, team building, strategic planning, and key employee retention. 

According to Douglas, “Generating results beyond the ordinary demands clarity of vision and a willingness to take on what appears impossible. In our work, we distinguish both the intended outcomes and the barriers that appear to interfere with achieving these outcomes. This work produces results that are profound, visible and unprecedented.”

He has long been involved with charitable organizations.  In the past few years this work has included developing and delivering programs for MDI, Fiver Children’s Foundation and PENCIL. SEED Infotech and others His work with the US Green Building Council in 2005-2007  was part of the process of clarifying the distinction “Green Building.”

For 20 years Douglas Hoffman has served on the executive board of numerous companies and non-profit organizations. Currently an executive director and the President of the largest ultra-cycling organization in the world today, the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA). As a principal of ALS Consulting  Douglas Hoffman is a professional leadership development trainer and coach who works with clients internationally.

Perry Stone and Douglas Hoffman both agree that by offering more racing opportunities in more locations, at reasonable costs, more riders will join the ranks of ultra-cycling and the sport will benefit from the growth in its popularity and participation.

Mr. Hoffman states: “I see Ultracycling as a sport in its infancy. Though we do have a long history, in my opinion the world hasn’t really been ready for this until now. The evolution of social media, the new ways that sporting events are recorded and communicated globally and the International fascination with extreme sports make this an ideal time for this sport to take its place on the world wide landscape. Huge numbers are interested and many are deeply studying the and challenges that people undertake to expand the limits of what is possible for human beings  I see the emergence of the Rider’s Race Series, the Tour of British Columbia, the BC Explorer and the BC Contender as a great opportunity for us to introduce the sport to  wider reaching demographics including younger riders and make ultra-cycling a sport that more and more people recognize”.


The Rider’s Race Series and Perry Stone are greatly honored to welcome the expertise and support of such a prolific member of the sport of ultra-cycling community.

The Tour of British Columbia is the longest ultra-endurance bicycle race on earth, starts and finishes in White Rock, BC Canada the inaugural event debuts August 3 to 18, 2014. Rider registration is now open and sponsorship inquiries are welcome. Please visit or contact Perry Stone at