i Can


I Can is the newsletter for people who are ambitious enough to pursue their goals, whether that goal is something incredible that borders on the impossible or just something that represents that all important ‘next step’. 

All goals begin with a reason, each person’s reason is personal and could be considered to be like a snowflake; fragile, unique and all-encompassing in a perfect storm.

In our premier edition we take a look at inspiration and motivation and the amazingly unique places people often encounter such encouragement.

Constantly people find core motivation in deeply profound places – a parent might want to demonstrate to their children that anything is possible, someone might have fallen on hard times and want to turn a new leaf in their life, while these two sources might come from diametrically different areas of life experience they both can deliver immense levels of fuel for the ambition.

Motivation is as important as physical ability and like those who will try to shortcut their training to improve their fitness through pharmaceuticals or other less devious options, only those that center on true motivations will benefit from the multiplying strength of its power. If you are in it to impress someone, forget about it, the only person you ever need to impress is the one you look in the mirror at.

Motivation is nutrition for body and soul and you need to consume it on a regular basis. To develop your motivation make it a team effort, don’t rely on one source, identify it in as many sources as you can. Mix it up, make it a combination or serious, silly, real and fictitious.Ground it in reality but allow yourself indulgences. The greatest sources of motivation are love, ambition, faith, music and the pursuit of dreams.

When we were children simple sleight of hand magicians thrilled us with what we perceived as magic. As adults, if we are fortunate, we understand that magic exists, not by a slight of hand but by hard work, focus, dedication and maybe with a little luck we are rewarded with the result we pursue and suddenly the impossible became possible. We become the magicians because we harness our energy and we understand that what other people think of as impossible is attainable by following a process.

Athletes who lack proper motivation often end up disappointed even if they possess superior physical abilities. A properly motivated person who finishes last or does not even finish in their event of choice never laments the effort they put forth to obtain that result; instead they are thankful for the rewards of training, for the experience, for the courage they generated in approaching the challenge. They instantly catalogue what they learned and how they will be able to obtain better results the NEXT time. Accomplishing extraordinary feats is a result of practise, learning, humility and massive motivation. It’s one of the really great aspects of the exercise those who truly want to usually can.

People who use superficial motivation and are unsuccessful often feel sorry for themselves or feel cheated. However this does not necessarily mean that the person’s character is questionable, many ‘whole’ people come by this honestly, they just need to understand the benefits of the motivation they chew on.

Negative motivation can be a powerful stimulant during an event but difficult to maintain during training. Yet everyone suffers the angst and annoyances of daily life. Turning lemons into lemonade is a viable mechanism to make the best out the negative occurrence we encounter. By storing away all the things that irritate you, you can draw on that pent up energy when you find yourself lacking or weakening in an event. Kind of a turbocharger of sorts but be warned negative motivation is like sugar it is useful but it is a short term fix if not used properly will cause set-backs. 

Keep a motivation log or list; add to it, take away from it, prioritize the value of each motivation. Make a list of songs that connect with you. Develop rewards for yourself in training and in competing. The purest of one’s goals is not intended to be a without reward and many competitors experience a letdown when crossing the finish line. This is because their journey (for now) is complete and they loved the process of preparing.

Champions are not born they are developed.

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