i Can March 11th


A lot has been happening at our offices for the past several months and the news we need to share has been piling up so in this edition you will find many links to follow up on the reports you want to read.

To begin with we are very pleased to announce that all six Ride Canada events, Tour of BC, BC Explorer, PowerCranks Contender, Naked Challenger, Naked Pioneer and the Naked Rider’s Race have all been added to both the UMCA’s (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) racing calendar, the UltraCycling Cup and World Cup of UltraCycling  Championship Series. Rider’s from all continents compete to win annual awards and recognition as the world’s best ultra-endurance  bicycle racers.

noseadjusted125lrightWhile we actively seek more riders all races are a go this year and we have added an interesting incentive for this year’s racers.  While we cannot afford cash prizes we do have a distinguished honor for each winner in each division of each race. If you win your division, in 2015 the race will be named in your honor and you will receive a small royalty from each registration for 2015.  For example if Chris “Hoppo” Hopkinson  wins the men’s solo division of the Tour of BC, in 2015 the men’s solo race will be named the Chris Hopkinson Men’s Solo Invitational.  (A couple of minor restrictions apply) We believe that this will help rider’s with sponsorship and provide them with a unique peg to hang their helmet on.

Want a race named in your honor (and who doesn’t) all you have to do is win! Simple right?

All of our sites have gone through major overhauls, we have moved to more efficient hosts  and have not experienced a single minute of down time since the move. All sites allow easy navigation to all of our other sites.

On the corporate side of things  the Tour of BC, the BC Explorer and the PowerCranks Contender are now managed by RideCanada.ca This was because we have decided to launch a new series of races we call “Naked” on our same race courses which do not let allow escort support crews. Naked Racing provides a practical alternative: a rider, a bicycle and an open road. Stripped away is the need for escort vehicles and crew. It only requires one bike, it is a green style of zero foot print racing that we fell is important, extremely challenging and costs far less to participate. To learn more about our motivation on creating the Naked series please read this page.

Naked Racing is available to soloists, 2 person and 4 person teams, however it is very important to point out that team Naked racing is not relay style all riders must ride the complete course. It adds a level of  strategy and affords riders the support of experiencing the challenge together. Team racers may draft off each other.  To view the rules of Team Naked please visit this page.

nakedcycling580nlThe new races which can all be seen on our new website NakedCycling.com  are: The Naked Challenger, the Naked Pioneer and the Naked Rider’s Race  Registration is super cheap with current solo rates ranging from $129 to $249 so please register today or sign up a friend.

The lowdown on motivation? Seeking a little legitimate bump? Nothing beats faith, ambition, love and music. Toss in a little anger for an occasional booster and you will be in fine form, harness your energy, learn how to shape it and let yourself soar. Read our thoughts on motivation in our secret uncirculated newsletter edition found at this link.

Please forward this newsletter to your friends, tweet it, write about it on Facebook, contact your member of parliament, blog it, tell your sponsors, tell anyone, anywhere. This newsletter can be viewed online at http://ridecanada.ca/can-march-11th/

Ride Canada seeks volunteers all around our race courses for this season’s races. We invite your comments, media inquiries, questions and registrations or to volunteer please contact us, via email us at race-director@ridecanada.ca

Ride safe, ride fast, ride far!